Saturday, January 08, 2011

How to Know Your Child Has Grown Up

Guest Post by Lior Levin

There comes a time in life where we suddenly realize that our children have truly become adults. It may take a while for that reality to set in, but it does hit us at some point in time. It is true, though, it takes longer for some than others to realize that their kids have hit adulthood. There are some markers in life that drive this reality home.

The bills are in their name
When you start seeing the utility bills being addressed to your kids and no longer in your name, then you know you have hit a benchmark in your life.

When they have to pay for what you used to pay them for
When they are no longer receiving an allowance for those small chores like taking out the trash, you can consider them an adult. The time has come when it’s your grandchild’s hand that is extended out for their allowance instead of your child’s.

Missed medical appointments

When you hear the moans of that searing toothache, you will suddenly realize that your young adult has missed a few dental appointments. You know, like the ones you used to make and made sure he got to?

Keeping a calendar for birthdays and special occasions
You see your youngster feverishly writing and checking dates on his day calendar to jog his memory for gift-buying. The days when you would pick out, wrap and tag the appropriate gifts are long gone.

Keeping the cupboards stocked
When you get those distressing phone calls about how much your home cooking is missed. Once they have gone to the cupboards once or twice or the fridge for leftovers and there isn’t anything there, this is a real “wakeup call” for the child turned adult.

They ask for a full-length mirror for Christmas
The day has arrived where the focus in the mirror is not so much on their hair and facial features, but now they want to utilize the services of a full-length mirror to assess that middle-age spread that may be taking up residence on their body.

You notice the bathroom cupboard contains hair coloring instead of hair gel
The time is no longer spent on their slicking back or spiking their hair. Now it’s focused on sprucing up the color.

The weather channel has becomes their next best friend
At one time, no matter what the weather, it wasn’t going to deter your youngster from his plans. Now his plans are made around the weather.

He doesn’t walk the dog; the dog walks him
The days of keeping pace with his canine friend doesn’t exist anymore. When your dog is sitting on the sidewalk waiting for your young fellow to catch up with him, you can rest assured he has become an adult.

There is no creaking of the floorboards
When you don’t hear that front door gently being pushed open and that tip-toeing up the stairs, but it has been replaced by a bash and a bang, then you truly have a child turned adult.

This is a guest post by Lior Levin who is an advisor to a women tallit company called Galilee Silks, and also consults to Storemed.


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