Friday, January 28, 2011

Help Stop the Flu Before It Stops You!

Have you ever found yourself next to someone who is obviously struggling with cold or flu symptoms? A recent survey shows that 66% of polled Americans ignore the sudden onset of flu symptoms -- fever, aches, chills, and extreme tiredness -- and still attend work, school, and social events, even though 75% of those same people are aware of the possibility of spreading the flu virus to others! Here’s my reaction to that statistic: How rude!

It turns out that the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) agrees with me because they’ve launched a national flu education campaign called “Are You That Guy?” This campaign focuses on “that guy” (or gal) who is sneezing in the elevator, “that guy” looking pale and exhausted in the grocery store, “that guy” coughing on the train … basically, “that guy” who clearly has the flu, but heads out of the house anyway! Check out this brief video about this valuable initiative to stop the spread of the flu:

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The NFID wants to make sure that all Americans not only know their flu facts -- how to prevent the flu and how to recognize flu symptoms -- but also take serious action in protecting themselves and those around them. As part of this initiative, they’ve provided some cool online tools at that track flu outbreaks in your zip code. There’s even a free Fight the Flu app available for the iPhone (download here)!

The next time you start feeling those cold or flu symptoms coming on, please do all you can to protect yourself and those around you by staying home and taking good care of yourself. Let’s stop the flu in its tracks and spread good health habits instead!

DISCLOSURE: I received no compensation or products for posting about this public service. Genentech, a member of the Roche group, provided NFID support for this flu education program.


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