Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Get the Family in Shape and Have Fun with Heelys!

Most forms of exercise bore me to death. I hate doing the same old exercise tapes over and over again. The last time I walked, I was warned that a mean dog was loose in the neighborhood, so I quit taking a daily walk. And I just feel so awkward in an exercise class. Plus, who has time to exercise when you have kids? Well, now I do because I was just introduced to an activity that will help me stay in shape and exercise with my kids, too!

Thanks to Heelys, my kids and I can skate together. Heelys are roller skates and shoes combined, so even people like me, who are skating novices, can slowly ease into skating. The HX2 Heelys that my kids and I own have two sets of wheels in each shoe. You use both sets of wheels when you’re just starting out, and then remove the front wheel once you’ve mastered two-wheel skating.

Heelys are available for all members of the family. I love wearing my Heelys just as shoes! Check them out below!

I love the pink and black combination. I feel like a very cool mom when I wear them! (No wonder because they’re called “Jazzy” Hx2 shoes!) I took a picture of the pink wheels because they’re so awesome.

Here’s a picture of my kids’ Heelys. They’re called the Stingray.

They also have a Sparkler version for girls!

Since I know you’d laugh at my kids’ and my attempts at mastering skating (but we’re going to keep trying!), I’ll let you watch this video of kids who’ve got it figured out!

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And here’s something else from Heelys that my kids love. It’s a new online skating game called Street Skater! In this game, players perform tricks, coast through checkpoints, and skillfully maneuver through the streets to avoid obstacles. No, this game won’t get you in shape, but it’s a lot of fun! Go to www.agame.com/game/street-skater.html with your kids to check it out!

If, like me, you’re bored with the usual exercise routines and are looking for a fun way to get fit with your family, I hope you’ll check out Heelys! They have a whole line of skate shoes in fun colors and styles. You can find out more about them through the links below. As for me, I have a “skate date” with my kids!


Website: www.heelys.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/heelys
Twitter: www.twitter.com/heelysworldwide
YouTube: www.youtube.com/heelysworldwide

DISCLOSURE: I received two complimentary pairs of Heelys to facilitate this review. No financial compensation was provided.

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