Friday, January 28, 2011

BAM Radio Network: The Sexual Landscape on Campus

I recently had the privilege of participating in an interview by Dr. Meg Meeker with Miriam Grossman, MD, on BAM Radio Network. Miriam Grossman is a physician with training in pediatrics, as well as child, adolescent and adult psychiatry. The author of three books about sexual health, Dr Grossman speaks internationally to parents, students, educators, policy makers and health professionals on the dangers of political correctness in her profession.

On this day, we were speaking about “The Sexual Landscape on Campus,” and it was a very enlightening talk! As you’ll hear in the interview, I was very interested in what Dr. Grossman had to say because one of my sons will be going away to college this fall. And, according to Dr. Grossman, dating as we’ve known it is out -- and “hooking up” is in! Social life on campus, Dr. Grossman says, typically means random sex with unknown partners and brings with it a host of physical, emotional and psychological trauma.

These are certainly scary things to hear for parents of college-bound kids! So, how can we counteract this trend on college campuses? Please click here to listen to the discussion on BAM Radio Network!


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