Saturday, December 04, 2010

Tips on Ways to Keep Your Dogs Safe During Holiday Celebrations

Guest post by Australian dog trainer Nicola Anderson

  • Keep any decorations or tinsel away from your pets. Puppies can become very stimulated and easily get hold of the decorations and swallow them. This can cause potential obstructions in your dog’s digestive tract.
  • Keep your presents secure and safe so that your new puppy can’t get into them and tear the paper open, and hence maybe swallow the paper as well!
  • Don’t feed your dog any ham or the ham bone. Ham is very toxic to your dog. And do not give your dog any cooked bones.
  • Keep your environment closed and locked securely so that your dog can’t escape if it is bored or there are loud noises from lots of people celebrating at your house. And make sure they have identification on in case they do run off.
  • Do keep your dogs in a safe area when there is a party going on. Keep them away from loud noises or lots of people as it can become too overwhelming for them.
  • Do consider crate training your dogs so that this becomes a safe area for them when you do want to get them away from large groups or parties going on.
  • Do keep your dog busy and mentally stimulated. Play fun games with your dog. Keep your dog active, and get out and walk your dog!
  • Don’t let holiday guests or party people feed your dog. They could be feeding it something that could harm it.
Tips for traveling during the holidays with your dogs:
  • Do speak to your vet about travel sickness with your puppy. Pups tend to get sick in the car easily.
  • Do crate train your dogs so they get used to being in there, especially for flying.
  • Don’t make a big deal of getting in the car to travel. The less your dog gets anxious about the trip ahead the better.
  • Don’t allow your dog to cry in the car. Distract your dog, keep its mind busy, and have the children play games in the car with the dog gently and obviously safely.
  • Do have lots of toys in the car for your dogs when traveling for long distances. This way, they are less likely to destroy the inside of your car.
  • Don’t allow your dog to sit with you in the front area of your car. This can be dangerous.

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