Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Need Some Last-Minute Gifts? Pick Up These Video Games for the Wii!

If your family has a Wii or is expecting one for Christmas, you’re going to need some great games to play! Here are three recent releases that are fun for the whole family.



This game features original characters from the hit TV series who mysteriously disappear! Players have to battle robot bladers to find out what happened to the missing Beybladers. Featuring four-player “Battle Mode” competition, players can face off against three other human or artificial-intelligence-controlled enemies, or play cooperatively with their allies. A variety of terrains and shapes allows players to customize stadiums for battle and try to become the No. 1 Beyblader! One of my 7-year-old boys told me, “I like this game because you bump people out of the arena!” (Rated E for Everyone)


Deca Sports 3

This is the first game in this popular series to feature Wii MotionPlus. Games include: springboard diving; volleyball; giant slalom; racquetball; air racing; kayak slalom; lacrosse; log cutting; halfpipe; and fencing. This is a fun game for the kids or great for parties! My boys weren’t able to experience all of the games in our demo copy, but my son said, “I liked volleyball best. And racquetball was very cool!” They had a lot of fun with these games. My 18-year-old son really enjoyed the air racing game. (Rated E for Everyone)


Lost in Shadow

This game features a mysterious tower in an alternative world. Filled with moving shadows, the tower also casts a large shadow beneath it. Players get help from a winged sylph called Spangle to move lights that create new shadowy walkways to different areas, all while solving mysteries and fighting off enemies. Because of its darker theme, this game is best enjoyed by kids aged 10 and up. (Pre-order this game. Releases January 4, 2011.)

DISCLOSURE: I received demo versions of these games. As an Amazon affiliate, I receive a small commission on sales made through the Amazon links in this post.

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