Monday, December 06, 2010

My Son Stole My Barnes & Noble NOOK…

When my second son, a high school senior, asked to borrow my NOOK, Barnes & Noble’s eReader, I hesitated for a second because I LOVE my NOOK. I didn’t want anything to happen to it! But I was reading a print book that had been sent to me for review, and my son is normally very responsible, so I gave in after he pledged to treat it as well as he treats his girlfriend. He had been wanting to read The Three Musketeers, and was thrilled to find that he could actually get a copy on the NOOK for free!

That was several months ago, and my son has kept his promise to take care of my NOOK, but I haven’t gotten it back! He takes it to school with him, he reads it at work during downtime, and he took it on our four-hour drive to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Needless to say, he loves the NOOK as much as I do. So, now I’m thinking that I may just have to surrender it (my son is reading, after all!) and get another one for me.

What do I have my eye on? The new Barnes & Noble NOOKColor! The first full-color touch Reader’s Tablet, this device is designed for people who love to read all kinds of material (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.), but it has the convenience and functionality of a 7-inch portable wireless tablet. As a parent, I love that you can now share electronic picture books with your children in full color on the NOOK. And for social media addicts like me, you can use email, Facebook and Twitter on the new NOOKColor!

I could write pages about the great features of the new NOOKColor, but instead I’ll let you check out this video with the highlights:

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I’m so excited about the future of eReading, especially now that I’ve had a sneak peek at the new NOOKColor. So, what do you think? Have you been enjoying eReading? What do you envision for the future in eReaders?


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