Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Need Your Input About Giveaways

I’ve been putting some thought into how I conduct my giveaways, and I’d love to get some quick feedback from you! Please leave a comment on this post if you have some advice to share.

First, I noticed that a lot of bloggers do separate posts announcing the winners. I never really saw the point in them since I email winners directly (and rarely ever have to redraw). I figured you’d know you didn’t win if you didn’t get an email! But maybe people are just curious about winners. So, please let me know, would you prefer that I put up winners’ posts? Or is it fine to just post the winner’s name on the original post as I’ve been doing?

Also, I’d really like to generate more traffic to my giveaways. I post them at and tweet them daily. I also post them on various Mr. Linkys when I have the time. But I think I’m missing something. If you’re a blogger, where do you post your giveaways? And if you love entering giveaways, where do you hear about them?

Finally, if you have any other feedback on my giveaways, please let me know. Do I have too many extra entry opportunities or not enough? Are they confusing in any way? What influences you to enter a giveaway? Any other ideas?

Thank you!


  1. I like simple entries with extra tweets & bonus entries...however, I think your entry points are groovy~!! I usually find my giveaways off of Twitter...emails and random linky's...

    I do like to know who has won...sometimes I recognize the names and shout out "Good for you so-and-so..."...and I'm always wondering what is going on when I don't hear about the winners. I don't always get back to the original entry posts cuz the way I track my own entries~!

    I find those blogs who are involved group-wise...i.e. - IT's a Christmas Bloganza - and all sites join on board...then everyone involved is shouting about the giveaways and more ears get the message~!! Like minded people involved in a group giveaway location...each with their own giveaway...does that make any sense...LOL

    And lastly, I find those that are open to US/Canada have more entrants also...many that I have found with low entries are all US based OR Canada based only sites...

    Well, that's my two cents...good luck in your enigma...may your answers come quickly...have yourself a groovy day...peaces...xoxo

  2. Hi Susan, I am still learning the ropes to giveaways myself, but I personally think it's a nice thing to name the giveaway winner in a blog post. Especially if they themselves are a blogger - to link your readers to their blog in that way. I don't see the point in making a separate blog post soley about the 'winner' - but adding a blurb at the end of a new post, as a 'btw' kind of thing. Hope that helps a little. :) oh and I left you a message on Twitter, I'd love to be considered for your handmade giveaway in Feb.

  3. I like to see winner posts simply because there was an instant in the past where the blogger had emailed me, but it didn't go through for some reason. The only reason I knew I had won was because I read the winner post. It was for a HUGE prize too. I would have been so upset to miss it. Plus, it's fun to see who won what.

    For my giveaways, I post them in linkys, I post them on the sponsors facebook page, and I tweet them out every day.

  4. Anonymous9:57 PM

    I have no time to enter giveaways much anymore:( I'm hoping to get to entering more soon. Anyways, I just changed up my giveaways as it takes way to long to sit and enter giveaways. Like those who say 1 extra entry for each giveaway(which I was doing) but this can take along time. I think the mandatory and a few extra entries plus tweeting is good. Obviously this will be a little more if the sponsors want newsletters etc. Online sweepstakes is good and the best link which gives me tons of hits and I RECOMMEND entering on is Her new linky goes up on Tuesdays. I've tested linkys for weeks and got a hit here and there but her's has given me over 125 visits since Tuesday(that is better than OLS)! I do a winners post on Sundays, for my entire weeks giveaways that ended. If you didn't want to do that how about adding a winners tab at the top and just jotting down the winners like I do as well?

  5. I like your giveaways. I like simple main entries with just one or two additional extra entries. That way I feel like everyone has a fair shot.

  6. I love entering giveaways. I like it when the entry process is easy, not a dozen different ways to enter (maybe just about 5 or less). I probably found your blog while looking at someone elses. i also have a google reminder for when anyone posts a giveaway linky.
    take care.

  7. Life is so busy and I spend hours upon hours trying to enter blogs which are really hard to win. I would love blogs to have one entry. Just one. Sweeps by big companies used to have one entry usually and I had way more time in life-and far less frustration.
    Also I think that you get more people entering if they know you have simple entries. Look at 24/7 Mom. They have one entry always the same-that you subscribe.
    Yes, it would be nice to get a separate email post for winners. Sometimes we might not see one or we don't get it. Also is good when blog owners put congrats in the title when they are emailed they are winners.
    I think the other thing is WHAT you are giving away. People these days really need certain things and will enter more often if they really need them. Some things I go for are clothing, work out clothes and shoes, household items-bedding, towels, natural soaps, food, money, gift cards for groceries, Target cards, Lowes, amazon, etc.
    Also multiple winners. I enter contests that have many prizes and easy entry. If it is too complicated, no matter how much I like the blog, I will still subscribe but never enter the contests. I just don't have the time and cannot understand how some people do. Twenty minutes for one contest is just too much when there are 500 ending that day, as it has been lately. Even if they have a nice set-up I cannot so it.

  8. online-sweepstakes gets a lot of traffic.. so do and (contest section).

  9. I like for giveaways to be simple. I like the google forms where you can check off your extra entries. If I am not subscribed to a blog, then the way I find giveaways the most is on giveaway scout.

  10. The giveaway promotion site that gets me the most traffic is They have a 'last chance' area where you can view giveaways that are ending within 24 hours.

    I don't enter giveaways that have 200+ entries as I know my chances are so low. So I love their 'ending soon' function because I can go through and see which giceaways are ending soon that have low enough entries that it's worth my time to enter. :)

  11. I like google forms too.

    I don't like a separate post for each winner I think once a week would be good.


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