Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Heart-Warming True Holiday Story and a Teddy Bears Personalized Winner

I have a wonderful true story to tell. I announced on this blog a few weeks ago that a company called Teddy Bears Personalized was looking for some very special children to receive a personalized teddy of their very own. They asked for nominations for children who might be going through difficult times and would find comfort from a cuddly teddy bear. Well, they found a sweet little girl named Lizzie! Lizzie’s loving aunt wrote to say that her niece had been airlifted to the hospital in a diabetic coma, and they almost lost her. She was diagnosed with Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes but made a miraculous recovery. She now has to take six injections a day for the rest of her life, but she has been so strong. Her aunt shared that when it’s time for an injection, Lizzie says, “Just prick me and get it over with!” Lizzie is now the owner of this beautiful personalized bear, courtesy of Teddy Bears Personalized. I get tears in my eyes whenever I think of how sick little Lizzie was, and I am so grateful that she was able to receive one of these adorable bears.

Teddy Bears Personalized also donated a new personalized Shaggy Dog to one winner on this blog! The prize goes to kenziesmum!

I want to thank the very generous and wonderful people at Teddy Bears Personalized, especially Steven, who has been so great to work with. Please support them by clicking on the button below.

Personalized Teddy Bears


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