Monday, December 06, 2010

Fun Holiday Definitions from The KidDictionary!

The KidDictionary gives people long-needed words to help them adequately describe their kids. Here are a few holiday KidDefinitions for you from The KidDictionary: A Book Of Words Parents Need But Don't Have, by Eric Ruhalter:

JINGLEBERRY (JING-uhl-behr-ee) n.: a Christmas carol or other holiday song whose lyrics have been changed to incorporate potty talk and other themes contrary to the season the songs were intended to celebrate.

SHIRTURBED (shurr-TERBD) adj.: Annoyed state of a child who just received an article of clothing as a present.

RAMPAPER (rahm-PAY-puhr) v.: To ferociously shred through the gift-wrap on a present with no regard for the festive design nor the time and care that went into wrapping it.

SAINTNICKTRONIZE (saynt-NICK-truh-nize) v.: To feign belief in Santa Claus with hopes of a bigger Christmas payload. (See also: EASTERBLUFFING)

KODICK (KOH-dik) n.: The child who refuses to cooperate in the taking of the family holiday card photo.

SLEDENTARY (SLEDD-en-tehr-ee) adj.: A child’s state of being so bundled up to face the winter elements that they cannot move.

More of The KidDictionary can be seen at, including some funny videos! And The KidDictionary, Volume 2 is now available!


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