Friday, December 10, 2010

Book Review: A Simple Amish Christmas, by Vannetta Chapman

In a way, it’s a good thing that my computer has been down for two days because it gave me a chance to catch up on some reading while my poor hubby toiled away at saving my desktop! I just finished reading the book, A Simple Amish Christmas, by Vannetta Chapman, and I absolutely loved it! I have to admit that I’m a softie for a good romance and Amish tales, and this book was all that and more.

This is the story of Annie Weaver, a young woman who returns to her Amish community after several years in Philadelphia where she trained to be an RN. Her father has broken both legs in a buggy accident, and Annie comes home to attend to his needs. She’s thrilled to be home and experiencing the simple life she now appreciates more than ever, but she’s torn about her future. How can she use her nursing gifts in her community? And what about settling down and finding a good man to share her life with? Her judgment is clouded by Samuel Yoder, an Amish widower with whom she clashes when she first returns. But she soon realizes that he’s not as ornery as she first thought... Throughout the book, we get to know Annie’s interesting family and the Amish way of life. I really cared about the characters in this book and was anxious to learn about their fate.

If you’re looking for a heart-warming page-turner, look no further than A Simple Amish Christmas. I’ll definitely pick up any books that Vannetta Chapman writes in the future!

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No financial compensation was provided. As an Amazon affiliate, I receive a small commission on sales made through the Amazon links in this post.


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