Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Skineez Skincarewear: Confidence-Building Shapewear!

I was really excited when Skineez Skincarewear contacted me about doing a review. They make compression shapewear garments that help fight cellulite with a special formula that’s applied to the garment. Knowing that my thighs are my “problem area,” I was thrilled to see that Skineez makes a Thigh Slimmer!

One of the things I liked best about the Skineez Thigh Slimmer is that it doesn’t squeeze you to death. I’ve tried on compression garments before, and they were so tight that I was afraid to breathe! The Skineez products are actually comfortable to wear, and nobody could tell I was wearing the Thigh Slimmer under my clothes. Sometimes I wore it during the day; other times I wore it to sleep in at night.

The Skineez Thigh Slimmer comes with a special formula called Skintex already applied to the garment. Skintex contains ingredients like caffeine, retinol, red algae extract, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, rose hip oil and vitamin E -- all moisturizing and anti-cellulite ingredients. You can throw the Thigh Slimmer in the washing machine and dryer (be sure to follow the directions), and then re-apply the Skintex formula after 6-10 washes. Results are most noticeable after wearing the garment for 5 weeks, 8 hours a day.

Of course, Skineez products should not be used as a substitute for a good diet and exercise program, but they are another confidence-building tool in adopting a healthier and fitter lifestyle. I really did notice improvement in the skin tone and look of my thighs after wearing the Thigh Slimmer for five weeks!

Visit to see all of the products made by Skineez Skincarewear. In addition to the Thigh Slimmer Kit, they have a Waist Slimmer Kit, leggings, camisoles, and even jeans! Watch a video, read testimonials, and view before/after shots. If your goal is to have a better looking body, check out Skineez Skincarewear!



DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary Skineez Thigh Slimmer to facilitate this review. No compensation was provided. Your experience with these products may differ from mine, and I make no promises or guarantees. All views expressed are merely my opinions and not statements of fact.

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  1. I wear my Skineez to sleep 5 nights a week. When I first bought Skineez about a year ago I was wearing a Large and now I am down to a Medium (and I think I am going to have to buy a small soon!!) You will be amazed by the results you continue to see. Of course just the added moisture and rejuvenation that I saw at first was enough to have me hooked but now I rely on Skineez to maintain my figure and really tone and firm my skin as I lose weight!


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