Monday, November 22, 2010

Do You Know a Child Who Could Really Use a Teddy Bear for Christmas?

I’ve written before about the wonderful products at Personalized Teddy Bears, and now I have even more reason to sing the praises of this company. They want to give 5 personalized teddy bears away to well-deserving children who otherwise might have a bleak Christmas due to the financial hardships many families are suffering through this season. Please believe me when I tell you that these teddy bears are so soft and beautiful! My twins sleep with theirs every single night. If you know of a child who could really use a special gift this Christmas, please send an email to with a short bio of the child and their information. They’ll create a personalized teddy bear for the 5 children who are selected and send it from you or as an anonymous gift (your choice). Please nominate a deserving child today and make their Christmas one they'll never forget!


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