Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Little Boy and a Broken Arm

On Saturday, one of my six-year-old twins broke his arm at scout camp! They were playing a game that involves jumping off buckets. When he started to jump, his bucket gave way, and he fell on his arm.

On Monday, he had surgery to re-align the bones and insert pins in his arm. This is his smiling face BEFORE the surgery. (Don’t you love my one-size-fits-all scrubs?)

And this is his very unhappy face AFTER the surgery.

His hand has been pretty swollen the past few days, but the swelling finally seems to be decreasing. He’s definitely not in as much pain either. Hopefully, he’ll be feeling much better very soon!


  1. OUCH! Sounds like it was a bad break. Thank goodness he isn't in much pain now!

  2. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Oh no that sounds painful. Hoping he recovers quickly.

  3. So sorry to hear! Hope he's feeling okay and the swelling's not bad. Stock up on fun minimally-active things to do, girl! My second daughter broke her arm "doing a stunt" on the monkey bars. Then she was laid up for a month. I thought she might die, but then we discovered PBS kids online and Little Big Planet. Whew.

  4. I am sending Big Hugs to him and I hope he heals quickly.

  5. Hope he is feeling better soon!

  6. Oh no! I'm really sorry to hear that!

    I remember when I broke my arm in 3rd grade I was excited to show off my cast in school and get it signed. Hopefully that will be a bright spot for him and I hope he recovers fully and quickly!


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