Monday, October 04, 2010

How to Get Your Kids to Want to Eat Healthy

Guest Post by Lior

In a fast-paced world, it is hard to get kids not to opt for fast-food cuisine. It seems no matter what the age of the youngster, fast foods always top the list of favorites when it comes to the menu. It is important, though, to try and set a healthy lifestyle at a young age, and this means a lot of work for the parents when they have to compete against junk foods.

Here are a few suggestions on how to get your children to not only consider eating healthy foods, but enjoy it as well.

1. If your youngsters have already established a junk food pattern, then your job is twofold in that you have to break a pattern and introduce a new one. You could start off with a compromise. To begin with, most fast food restaurants now are offering some healthy alternatives. So you could agree to dine out at their favorite fast food restaurant provided they choose any of the healthy choices on the menu.

2. A second compromise is to slowly reduce the unhealthy foods from the house and introduce healthy replacements. Get the kids to prepare a list of all the junk foods they like, and all the healthy foods they can at least tolerate for the time being. Make it a rule that they can have one item from the junk list per meal provided they have two from the healthy list.

3. Do a tradeoff. For every three nights that a child has a totally healthy dinner, they can have one junk food night per week. Eventually, they will start to adopt a taste for good foods.

4. For younger children who have not adapted that much to junk foods yet, you may still be having an issue getting them to eat healthy. Encourage them to grow a healthy food garden comprised of the vegetables they like the best.

5. When you are serving meals, be sure to serve at least two vegetables they like and one you feel they should have. This way, they at least have what they enjoy in the bulk of the food.

6. Present them with a list of healthy foods when meal planning for the week. Let them plan two-third of the menu from the healthy foods they like, then add one-third of the essentials that you feel they are lacking.

7. Make it a general conversation about how their favorite superhero eats specific healthy foods to get that way. Or, in the case of little girls, talk about how princesses get so beautiful from eating the right foods.

These are just a few tips to change the mindset of your youngsters when it comes to eating healthy.

This post was written by Lior who works for Milk Nursingwear, a company that sells maternity belly bands, nursing camisoles and many more nursing wear products.


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