Friday, October 22, 2010

Hot for the Holidays: Children’s Books

Every child should receive new books for Christmas. But, sssssh, we don’t have to tell them they’re educational. Kids love a good story, and here are some that are hot for the holidays!

The Boy Who Changed the World
By Andy Andrews

Children may think the decisions they make have no impact on the world, but award-winning author Andy Andrews shows how wrong such thinking is in The Boy Who Changed the World. It tells the story of Norman Borlaug, a real little boy on a farm in Iowa who decided he wanted to feed hungry people. He grew up to create a hybridized high yield corn and wheat that could grow in hot, dry climates. His work saved two billion people from starving! But this monumental event never would have happened if many people before him hadn’t also made some life-changing decisions. Children ultimately learn that our actions create a “butterfly effect,” i.e., “Everything you do matters for everyone and for all time!” This beautiful book will inspire children to want to change the world.

The Last Ornament
By Judith Vicary Swisher

This charming book perfectly captures the magic of Christmas as seen through the eyes of children. But it also sees the holiday through the “eyes” of the ornaments! Every year they proudly come out of their boxes to delight everyone who looks at them on the tree. Then they’re packed away for another Christmas. But this year, the little Blue Engine ornament is missing from the boxes! Oh, no, he was accidentally left hanging on the tree and that is now lying in a heap of branches on the porch. How will the little ornament get the family’s attention and be rescued? Children will cheer when the Blue Engine is saved and lovingly placed back with the other ornaments.

Pixie and Trixie Bug
By Lauri B. Rosen

Pixie and Trixie Bug are twins, who are alike in many ways but very different in others! The twins have plenty of friends, including Lizzie the Ladybug, Catrina the Caterpillar, Daphne the Doodlebug, and Gus the Grasshopper. As children are introduced to all of the twins’ wonderful bug friends, they discover that we are “each unique and special.” Children will also love the colorful, detailed pictures and the clever rhyming in Pixie and Trixie Bug.

Salty Seas & His Heroic Friends (Volume 1)
By Lynda Wurster Deniger

Salty Seas is a shrimp boat in Louisiana who loves to hang out with his friends, Sammy Seagull, Dottie Dolphin, and Patti Pelican. One day, Salty Seas’ master, Captain Charley, is swept overboard! On automatic pilot, Salty Seas doesn’t realize at first that his master is in the water. But Dottie sees what happened and circles around Captain Charley to protect him from sharks. She tells Sammy to go tell Salty Seas about the accident, and Sammy and Patti fly off to deliver the message. Salty Seas instructs Patti to peck at the red button that will take him off automatic pilot so he can return to his master. The friends save Captain Charley just as a shark begins circling a little too close for comfort. Kids learn that teamwork can accomplish a lot, even save a life! They also learn a lot about the fascinating culture and lifestyle of shrimpers in the Gulf of Mexico.

DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary copies of these books to facilitate my candid review. As an Amazon affiliate, I receive a small commission made on sales through the Amazon text links above.


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