Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Craft: Pumpkin Treat Bag or Purse

Parents, are you afraid that you are just not crafty enough to do craft projects with your children? Fear no more! Craft expert Sandy Sandler, founder of the non-profit Crafters 4 Kids and creator of Bowdabra, has created many easy-to-follow, kid-friendly Halloween craft projects. She hopes that parents and teachers will use her free Halloween craft instructions to help children create spooky Halloween projects. To learn more, visit Following are the directions for her Pumpkin Treat Bag!

Materials List:

• 2 Sheets of Orange Foam
• Black Foam
• 2 Giant Green Pipe Cleaners
• Brads
• Glue Dots
• Scissors
• Hole Puncher


1. Begin by cutting two orange foam pieces into a pumpkin shape, however, curve down at the top.

2. Cut black pieces of foam for the pumpkin’s face. Attach the foam pieces to one of the orange pumpkin shapes using glue dots.

3. Place both pieces of orange foam together and hole punch along the sides. Place brads through the holes, except for the very top holes -- leave those blank.

4. Curl a giant green pipe cleaner around a pencil. Pull the pipe cleaner slightly to loosen ringlets. Attach the ends of the giant pipe cleaner to the top two holes for the bag’s handle. Twirl another pipe cleaner around a pencil, leave the ringlets tight, and twist them around the bag’s handle.

5. Use the pumpkin bag for trick-or-treating, as a gift bag, or even as a purse.


  1. What a fun idea! Way less boring than those plastic pumpkins everyone uses.

  2. My daughters would like this craft project! Thanks for sharing Susan. Now I am going to head over to that website and see what other fun things she has there.


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