Sunday, October 17, 2010

Elmer’s Prize Pack Winners for Fall Fix It Week!

Thanks to everyone who submitted very creative “Fix It or Toss It” scenarios for the Elmer’s Fall Fix It Week on Facebook! The three winners of the Elmer’s prize pack (and their scenarios) are:

jennem said...
I have a mirror with a broken frame -- the frame is attached to the mirror and two sections fell off, one of which has the hanger on it. I’m afraid that if I fix it, it may fall again, breaking the mirror. And I’m superstitious!

Erin said...
I have a ceramic reindeer sled that my grandmother made many years ago. The reindeer has several chips (which I still have), and last Christmas the tip of the sled broke off. My dilemma is whether to fix it, or if I should just keep it in its shabby chic way. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway.

Christina F. said...
We have many pieces of fragile, expensive, dollhouse furniture that is broken (most of it is wooden). If we were to glue it, it’d need to be glued in several small places to fix it. My dad said, “Let the kids play with it ... they’ll learn a lesson when it breaks.” So, do we fix the broken furniture?

[P.S. Christina F., you didn't leave an email address. Can you please send your contact information to smhparent at hotmail dot com? Thank you!]

And here are Elmer’s verdicts on the above scenarios:

The mirror’s frame can be fixed, as long as it isn’t too heavy. Depending on the weight of the mirror and the frame, you may be better off to remove the mirror and use the frame for a crafty project and buy a new, sturdy frame for the mirror.

If your dollhouse furniture is made of wood, Glue-All can make it good as new! Definitely fix those family treasures.

Heirlooms are great because every crack tells a story about your family. But, if you want to fix your piece, Glue-All is a great tool. And, hey, I’d bet even your grandmother used it!

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Congratulations from Elmer’s!


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