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Mom’s the Expert: The 411 on Baby Hair Care

Guest Post by Tami Dimmerman
Mom of two and founder of Le Baby hair gel

NOTE: When Tami Dimmerman’s young daughters suffered from very sensitive skin, she did extensive research in search of hair products that could tame her girls’ wild fly-aways without irritating their skin -- ultimately developing her own chemical-free, non-toxic hair gel Le Baby. Over the years, Tami has learned many tricks and tips for infant and toddler hair care sure to make the life of any parent easier. Below, she shares her Top 5 list of tips to help parents care for their young child’s hair while maintaining a healthy shine and texture.

Baby Hair Care 101:

1. Comb It Out
After washing and conditioning your child’s hair, always comb the hair while it is wet so that knots are less likely to occur. Use a wide- or thin-toothed comb (depending on texture) to comb hair so the little knots clear out before they become big tangles. Try not to use a large brush, which may actually create more tangles than prevent them.

2. Avoid Cradle Cap
Pay close attention to your child’s scalp to help avoid cradle cap, oily and flaky patches of skin on the scalp. This is due to dryness of the scalp and is common among newborns and babies. If it occurs, comb and wash out all the dry skin from the scalp and apply a lotion to the scalp and hair to prevent the dryness from returning. Do not use baby oil for an infant’s hair as this increases the risk of cradle cap.

3. Keep It Light
Only use baby products for your infants’ hair until they turn one and have more hair. Products we use for our own adult hair and scalp may contain harsh ingredients for a baby’s hair. Baby lotion and Vaseline are great products that keep your child’s hair and scalp moisturized and healthy until more hair starts appearing.

4. Tame Wild Hair
Protect your child’s hair from static cling and frizz that can be due to cold, humid or rainy weather. When the wild weather makes your child’s hair wild, tame it with a non-toxic hair gel or lotion to keep the hair under control.

5. Mix to Shine
Mix products that work well together. After washing your child’s hair, use a baby lotion to rub onto your infant’s hair and scalp to keep skin and hair moisturized. Then, put Vaseline on your infant’s hair to maintain the healthy shine and texture of their hair.

About Le Baby Hair Gel
Created by Tami Dimmerman, Le Baby hair gel is a styling gel free of harsh chemicals meant to define wispy curls and tackle unruly hair. From taming those wild fly-aways to smoothing frizzies, Le Baby hair gel works on all hair types and is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. The unique formulas leave hair shiny, healthy looking and more manageable. Available at, Price $9.95

Meet Tami Dimmerman
Tami searched for a product that would tame and style her daughter Chloe’s fly-away hair without aggravating her eczema or irritating her sensitive skin. She hoped to find a safe, gentle and effective gel without harsh chemicals or potentially harmful ingredients. Unwilling to settle for what was in the marketplace, Tami spent months experimenting with different all-natural formulas until, through animal-free testing, she found the perfect combination and solution.

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