Saturday, September 18, 2010

Coming This Tuesday: Maroon 5’s New CD, “Hands All Over” -- Don’t Miss Their Special Pre-order Offers!

I have to admit that I’m kind of an old-timer when it comes to music. Usually, my radio dial is set to the Classic Rock station. But I want to be a cool mom, I really do, so when I was asked to review the new Maroon 5 album, Hands All Over, I knew this was an opportunity for me to get more into the current music scene.

Hands All Over is due in stores this Tuesday, September 21st, but lucky me got an exclusive sneak peek at the entire album. And, wow, I’m really glad I did! I have to confess that I listened to it in my desk chair, but I was definitely bouncing to the beat! Most of the songs are very dance-able and will get you moving. For busy moms like me, these songs are perfect for listening to on the iPod when you’re doing your morning exercise or workout routine or to keep you awake when you’re waiting in car line for the kids to get out of school. (And, believe me, I’ve seen plenty of parents fall asleep in our school’s car line!)

I’m also a ballad lover, so I really liked the song, “Just a Feeling,” because it slowed things down a little bit and was something that I could sing to (in the privacy of my car, of course). I also love the song, “Out of Goodbyes,” with Lady Antebellum! These songs are all about relationships, and as the title of the album -- Hands All Over -- implies, many of the lyrics are on the sensual side, so I would use caution when playing this around the kids.

If you hurry and pre-order this album now, you can take advantage of some very special offers! The iTunes pre-order offering (available at includes:

• Standard digital album (featuring two bonus tracks)
• Deluxe digital album (featuring seven bonus tracks)

And the pre-order store page on the band’s website ( includes:

• Standard 12-track CD
• Deluxe CD including Fan Club membership
• Website-exclusive Vinyl version
• Limited Edition 3D Box Set

MAROON 5: HANDS ALL OVER (Octone/A&M Records)
Release Date: September 21, 2010

Give a Little More
Don’t Know Nothing
Never Gonna Leave This Bed
I Can’t Lie
Hands All Over
Get Back In My Life
Just a Feeling
Out of Goodbyes (With Lady Antebellum)

Additional tracks: Deluxe Digital Version

Last Chance*
No Curtain Call
Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Acoustic)
Misery (Acoustic)
If I Ain’t Got You (Live)
The Air That I Breathe (Bonus Track)*
Last Chance (Live) (Pre-Order Only)*
(*iTunes exclusive tracks)

In case you’re new to Maroon 5, like me, you’ll be impressed by the fact that they’ve released two multi-platinum studio albums (2002’s Songs About Jane and 2007’s It Won’t Be Soon Before Long), scored a string of hit singles (“This Love,” “She Will Be Loved,” “Harder to Breathe,” “Sunday Morning,” “Makes Me Wonder”), won three Grammy Awards, and sold 15 million albums around the world! Recently, you may have heard two singles from their new CD on the radio -- “Misery” and “Give a Little More.” And you might want to check out their tour dates in October! The dates and locations are on Maroon 5’s website at

Here’s a peak at them performing their song, “Give a Little More,” from the new CD, Hands All Over:

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I’m really glad I got the opportunity to check out Maroon 5’s new CD, Hands All Over. If you want to be a cool mom, like me, you’ll pick up a copy!


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Maroon 5 Pre-Order store:
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DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary and temporary access to electronic recordings of the songs on this CD to facilitate this candid review. No compensation was provided.

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