Thursday, September 16, 2010

Children’s Book Review: If Babies Went to School, by Barbara Lock

Many children are fascinated by babies. Whenever my six-year-old son, Austen, sees a baby, he runs up to her and wants to play with her. He’d carry her around with him if we’d let him! That’s why he loves the new children’s book, If Babies Went to School, by Barbara Lock. In the book, school-aged Brian and Amanda imagine what it would be like if they could take their baby brother to school!

Author Barbara Lock explains, “The story has a purpose, which is to introduce children to the articulation of inductive reasoning. All children, and indeed all learners, use inductive reasoning to inform themselves about their world, but it usually remains inarticulated. Examples: babies learn that if they cry, then their mother will pick them up; children learn that if they kick a soccer ball, then they might score a goal. Understanding how to express this type of knowledge or prediction using the ‘if…then’ statement is an important step in critical thinking. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!”

In If Babies Went to School, Brian and Amanda do a lot of inductive reasoning. For instance, Brian says, “If babies were asked to do a worksheet in the classroom, then they would eat the crayon.” Amanda notes that “if a baby tried to read a book, then there would be a lot fewer pages.” At the end of the book, they come to the conclusion: “If babies went to school, then they would need a lot of help.”

If Babies Went to School is a fun read that encourages kids to ask the question, “What if?” as well as use their imagination. When I read this book to my boys, they came up with all sorts of scenarios where babies might be a catastrophe at school! They highly enjoyed the colorful illustrations by Gus Tarantino, too. I hope you’ll pick up a copy of If Babies Went to School to add to your children’s personal library!

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided. As an Amazon affiliate, I receive a small commission on sales made through the Amazon link at left.


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