Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You’re Not the Boss of Me: Brat-Proofing Your 4- to 12-Year-Old Child (Book Review)

Are you raising a brat? Let’s face it, there are going to be days when we as parents will throw up our arms and ask ourselves, “How did we create this monster?” Kids all have their bratty moments, and it’s good to know that there are now some solutions for curbing this behavior in the book, You’re Not the Boss of Me: Brat-Proofing Your 4- to 12-Year-Old Child, by Betsy Brown Braun. The author is a renowned child development and behavior specialist, and a parent educator. And she has adult triplets! As a fellow mom of multiples, I’m impressed by anyone who has survived childhood with triplets.

I love how this book focuses not on punishing bad behavior but rather on cultivating positive character traits in your child that will ultimately lead to less bratty behavior. For instance, chapters focus on encouraging empathy, independence, responsibility, respect, honesty, self-reliance, and gratitude. And this book is practical. It provides specific steps and even scripts for parents to use in a variety of situations. Braun wisely advises parents to avoid the lectures, which usually fall on deaf ears, and demonstrate the desired behaviors instead. I found her approach to be firm, but gentle and loving. Of course, this takes practice to implement, but the author encourages readers to focus on a chapter at a time so you can give each technique a thorough try. You can even skip around in the book to sections that help with behaviors that you may be particularly frustrated by.

If your child is inching her way up on the brat-o-meter, I highly recommend that you get a copy of You’re Not the Boss of Me. You’ll find real-life solutions for nurturing desirable character traits in your child and, ultimately, busting through the brattiness. Visit www.betsybrownbraun.com to learn more about Betsy Brown Braun and her new book, You’re Not the Boss of Me! You can read her parenting blog and sign up for her newsletter at http://betsybrownbraun.com/blog/.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate my candid review. No other compensation was provided. As an Amazon affiliate, I receive a small commission on sales made through the affiliate link at left.


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