Monday, August 09, 2010

Toy Review: Mini Hockey Goal, Stick and Ball Set from Growing Tree Toys

Thanks to the wonderful people at Growing Tree Toys, my twin boys were given the opportunity to try out one of their fun and fantastic toys: a Mini Hockey Goal, Stick & Ball Set made by Franklin Sports. This official licensed product for the NHL comes with a mini hockey goal, two mini hockey sticks, and two soft mini hockey balls! Unfortunately, the pictures I took of the boys playing it seem to have been erased from my camera, so I’ll have to take more at a future date, but I wanted to share with you how this toy has provided my boys (and my husband, a huge hockey fan) with lots of enjoyment!

Ease of Use: Although assembly is required for the mini goal, it was super easy to put together. In fact, I didn’t even have to look at the directions as I was able to assemble it just by looking at the picture on the box. Just slide the plastic tubes through the netting and hook them together! It only took me a couple of minutes. I’m not the world’s handiest person, so if I can put it together, you can, too.

Educational Benefits: With two sticks, kids can compete with each other and begin to learn the sport of hockey! My husband enjoyed teaching them the rules of the game and how to get the balls into the net. And kids will get lots of exercise with this toy. It’s small enough to play indoors if you have a big enough space to play (and the soft balls won’t break anything) yet sturdy enough to play outdoors.

Longevity: The Mini Hockey Goal, Stick & Ball Set is well made. The plastic tubing is designed to withstand some beating. And the netting on the goal is made of all-weather polyester. The sticks are made of a hard, high-impact plastic. This game should last until the kids grow out of it!

Fun: This is the biggest plus of all … this toy is a lot of fun! It inspires creativity because kids can dream up different contests for competing with each other. They can also practice shots on their own so they can improve their scoring. This is the perfect toy for little boys … and girls, too!

You can get the Mini Hockey Goal, Stick & Ball Set from Growing Tree Toys at This is just one of the huge variety of toys available at Growing Tree Toys. You can search for just the right item by age, gender, type, brand and much more!

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary Mini Hockey Goal, Stick & Ball Set from Growing Tree Toys to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


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