Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Product Review: Marika Miracles Women's Shape-Enhancing Activewear

One of the things that has always intimidated me about working out in a public place is the outfits. I see women prancing around in their size 0 tanks and shorts, and I feel like a giant next to them. I’m not overweight, but let’s say that I have some womanly curves when it comes to my lower body. I definitely do NOT need those new booty enhancers that have been in the news lately! So, I was really excited to hear about a new line of activewear called Marika Miracles. They’re designed for women like me, who don’t have perfect bodies. Their tanks, bras and pants are made of a material called ELASTA-TIGHT™. It’s specially designed to lend support and uplift for specific parts of your body, and yet still be flexible enough to move around in.

I received a sample of their new Miraculous Thigh Slenderizer Pant with Tummy Control. When I first pulled them on, I thought they were going to be too tight, but after getting them up, I looked in the mirror and said, “Wow!” Yes, I was still curvy, but everything was in the right place! My butt was high and shapely. My waist was smooth. And even though my thighs were still curvy, they looked firm, not flabby. I was amazed at how flattering these pants are! Now I want to get a Marika Miracles tank to see what kind of miracle that makes with my bustline!

Whatever your problem area is, Marika Miracles has the solution. Saggy on top? They carry a Miraculous Uplift Sport Bra and a Miraculous Uplifting Tank. If you’re not happy with your tummy, try one of their Miraculous Waist Cincher Tanks with their pants. They have both long pants and capris that are designed for tummy control, butt boosting, and thigh slenderizing!

Not only does Marika Miracles shape-enhancing activewear give you a better looking body, but it also improves core stability and posture, gives you confidence when you’re working out, and wicks away moisture. I love them!

Go to to find the right activewear for your body. They have sizes XS-XL, with select sizes up to 2XL. Their prices are extremely reasonable and well worth the reward of a happier glance in the mirror!



DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary Miraculous Thigh Slenderizer Pant with Tummy Control to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Hi Susan,

    I'm curious about the sizing of these pants. Did you feel like the sizing of the pants you received was true to street size?

    1. Yes, but keep in mind that they are supposed to fit snugly, so you may think they're too small when you first put them on until you get them into position. If you tend to be hard to fit or between sizes, I would consult with a company rep for advice on which size to select.


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