Monday, August 23, 2010

Join Shout and Growing Tree Toys in the Go Play Initiative (and Win Prizes, Too!)

I’m a big advocate of outdoor play. It’s easy for my boys to plant themselves in front of the video games or TV shows and stay there for hours! While I’m not against those forms of recreation, there needs to be some balance. Therefore, I make sure my boys get plenty of outdoor time, too. This may involve organized sports, riding bikes or just running around the yard and chasing lizards! (My Florida boys love to do that.)

It’s good to know that I’m not alone in advocating play time for kids. SC Johnson's Shout has teamed up with Growing Tree Toys as part of Shout's Go Play Initiative. They recognize that play promotes cognitive development, teaches problem-solving and coping skills, and even aids in conflict resolution! I have so many fond memories of playing outdoors as a kid. All of the children in the neighborhood would ride their bikes to the playground at the local school. We’d put together impromptu games of tag and baseball. And, best of all, we were getting plenty of exercise. Of course, we didn’t care about that. We were just having lots of fun! Those are the same kinds of memories that I want my children to have. Fortunately, I rarely have to ask twice to get them to go outside and play. And they’ve never met a park they didn’t like!

Shout and Growing Tree Toys are also holding the Go Play Sweepstakes as part of their Go Play Initiative. On Shout’s Facebook site, they’re giving away Growing Tree Toys gift cards, as well as a grand prize of a new play set from Rainbow Play System Inc.! Just hop on over to to enter.

And, finally, don’t forget about Shout products when your kids come back inside. Shout specializes in removing stains so you don’t have to worry when your kids get into the dirt while they’re playing outdoors. I’m always scrubbing stains out of my boys’ clothes. Ice cream, dirt, blood … I’ve seen it all! So, I’ve always got Shout products in my laundry room. I especially love the Shout Advanced Ultra Gel. It contains a concentrated stain-fighting gel that you can apply right to tough stains and a brush to help scrub them out! They have another really cool product called the Shout Color Catcher. This is a sheet that you throw into the washer when you’re washing whites, lights and colors together. It prevents the colors from running into the lighter clothes. Isn’t that cool? No more sorting!

Go to to learn more about Shout’s terrific stain-removing products. And then head on over to their Facebook page to enter the Go Play Sweepstakes. After that, head outdoors and play with your kids! You’ll be glad you did.

DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary Shout products to facilitate this review. I will also be entered into a drawing for an additional Shout product package. No other compensation was provided.


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