Thursday, August 05, 2010

Don’t Go Back to School Without Pentel Products!

You would have thought they were candy the way my family snatched up the Pentel products that arrived at our house! My twins nabbed the automatic pencils with jumbo erasers for their school pencil boxes. My husband snared the automatic pencil and lead with a 0.5 mm fine point, and I snatched the 4-color retractable ball point pen because it’s perfect for my editing work! My high-schooler got the highlighter, which is retractable and refillable, for class note-taking.

Here’s a closer look at the awesome Pentel products we received:

JOLT Automatic Pencil and Lead, 0.5 mm fine

This mechanical pencil is called JOLT because it takes just two quick shakes of the pencil to advance the lead! This pen comes in four colors, and its lead is guaranteed to scan on tests and documents. Even though my husband kept this pen for himself, our boys had a lot of fun shaking the pen!

Twist-Erase Express Automatic Pencils with Jumbo Eraser, 0.9 mm thick

The two automatic pencils in this package come with jumbo twist-up erasers, which are great for young users. You just twist the barrel to advance the eraser and push down to advance the break-resistant lead. Have you ever thrown away a pencil because there was no eraser left? That won’t happen with this pencil because the erasers are extra long and replaceable!

Rolly 4-Color Retractable Ball Point Pen, 0.7 mm fine

I love this pen because I need various ink colors when I edit, and I’m always putting down pens and picking up new ones. Now I just click on the black, red, blue or green color indicators, and it’s like I have a new pen! My kids love to experiment with the different ink colors, too.

Handy-line S Retractable Highlighter

This highlighter is part of Pentel’s Recycology line, which contains eco-friendly products with a minimum of 50% and up to 100% recycled materials by weight. It comes in yellow, orange, light green, pink, sky blue and violet, and I like that it’s retractable like a pen! With no cap to lose, this highlighter won’t get dried out.

I love Pentel products because they’re comfortable, attractive, innovative and fun! Go to to check out their huge line of writing and art products. If you order online at, you get free shipping with an order over $20 by September 30, 2010. Perfect timing for stocking up on back-to-school items! You can also find Pentel products where school and office supplies are sold.


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DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary Pentel products to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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    Loving the highlighter. Pentel has great products.


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