Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hurry for Your Free Squiz Cards!

I recently ran across an amazing deal on Twitter! For a limited time, Squiz Cards is offering 50 Squiz Cards plus a dispenser for free!

What are Squiz Cards? They’re like little calling cards or business cards that come in a waterproof dispenser, which you can attach to your keychain, belt loop, or bag. Just hand one to new acquaintances, and they now have a way of contacting you!

There are THOUSANDS of templates to choose from, or you can even upload your own! You get to pick the font style, size and color. They have beautiful photography, funky designs, and much more. Basically, you create your own unique card. I just ordered mine and I even got free shipping! They didn’t even ask for my credit card number. It was all free.

I’m sure this offer won’t last long so you’ll want to hurry to get in on it. Just go to http://bit.ly/squizcard, design your Squiz Card, and then enter 7FHDV at the checkout. That’s all there is to it!

Thanks to Squiz Cards for this amazing offer. I’m excited to get my new cards!


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