Thursday, July 08, 2010

Giveaway: Two Great Novels About Twin Sisters for Tweens!

Twin sisters and authors, Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy, have written two books for tweens (ages 9-13) called Trading Faces and Take Two. Read on…

Trading Faces

On the first day of seventh grade, twin sisters Payton and Emma have been assigned entirely different schedules -- for the first time ever. Without telling anyone, the twins switch places: Cool Payton goes incognito as quiet Emma, while mathlete Emma impersonates fashionista Payton. No one -- from their new teachers to their clueless classmates -- realizes they’ve made a switch. The twins quickly find out that playing a different role in life can be a lot of fun -- and that no one is exactly the person the rest of the world thinks they are.

Take Two

Twin sisters Payton and Emma have learned that “trading faces” can lead to “twin-dentical” chaos, and they’ve promised never to do it again. But just to be sure that they’ve really learned their lesson, the school counselor has a punishment in store, and they’re not going to be sitting through detention -- or hyperventilating through detention, in Emma’s case. Instead, Emma’s tutoring a math-hating eight-year-old boy who brings a creepy reptile to every lesson. Meanwhile, Payton has to keep an eye on his brother and help the drama club with their musical -- but she’s not going to be onstage because she’ll be under it! Oh! And the boys? They’re identical twins, too…. When things start spinning out of control, will it take another twin switch to sort it out? And just how many switches are going on at once? In the end, it’s good to have a twin who’s got your back as well as your face.

Click here to read more about these fabulous books. (Book #3 in the series, Times Squared, will be published in January 2011!)

And click here to enter a giveaway for both books! (Ends 7/31/10)

You can also purchase Trading Faces and Take Two from Amazon:

DISCLOSURE: I received these books to pass along to readers in a giveaway. No compensation was provided.


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