Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beautiful Gifts from Teddy Bears Personalized

Before we went to Alaska this summer to visit family, I won a teddy bear from Teddy Bears Personalized in a blog contest. One of my twins LOVES bears, and I thought this would be the perfect gift to give him right before his first plane trip so he’d have something to cuddle in case he got nervous. I also liked the idea that the bear was personalized with his name as it would make it easier to locate it on our travels. So, I logged on to, picked out a bear, and asked that it be autographed with Austen’s name. This is the absolutely adorable bear that arrived shortly thereafter:

Isn’t it beautiful? Here’s something even more interesting. There was a tag on the bear that said he is a “flying bear,” and he loves to go with people on their travels. Could that have been more perfect for our vacation? It was exactly what Austen needed. He told me that he’s going to take his bear whenever he goes someplace but, as you can see below, he loves his new bear just as much at home.

I just want to say “thank you” to the amazingly kind people at They were delightful to work with and I am so thrilled with the beautiful teddy bear we received. I hope you’ll check them out. Any child (or adult!) would be thrilled with these adorable, high-quality personalized bears.


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