Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Remodeling? Find What You Need at CSN Stores!

It’s no secret (especially to my family) that I’d love a new house. We live in a duplex with three bedrooms, and we converted the sun porch into a fourth (very small) bedroom when the twins were born. With six of us, space is tight. It’s a small house! So, I fantasize about having more room and being in a “permanent” place so I can start creating our dream house. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be a financial reality for a while. We live in an expensive area and aren’t quite ready to move elsewhere for a few years.

In the meantime, I appease my “house hunger” by making small changes to our home that make me feel like I’m living in something new. Lately, I’ve made some additions to our living room. My husband tore out the outdated shelving unit that had been built into the wall (with lots of mirrors and dust-collecting glass shelves) and built a beautiful new one in its place. I bought an inexpensive but nice love seat so we have more seating. And I recently got a new table from CSN Stores! I love how I was able to create a cozy little sitting area with two chairs we’ve had for a long time. Before, the chairs were across the room from each other, but now I’ve put them together and separated them by the new table.

Just by rearranging the furniture and adding a few affordable pieces, I felt like I got a new living room, which took the edge off my “house hunger” for a while.

I am really glad that I discovered CSN Stores because they have just about anything you could want to upgrade your home. In fact, they’re actually a bunch of stores (about 250!) put together. Last year, I wrote about the beautiful Dale Tiffany Dragonfly Banker’s Lamp I got for my home office at CSN Lighting. It still makes me smile when I turn it on!

And now I’m thrilled with the new table in my living room. I’ll definitely be checking out the other CSN Stores for my future household needs. In fact, I was out on my patio yesterday, watching the kids play on the Slip and Slide, and I could really use some more comfortable chairs on my back porch. Guess what? CSN Stores carry outdoor furniture!

If you’re like me and want to spruce up an area of your home from time to time -- whether it’s a bathroom, children’s room or kitchen -- I encourage you to go to www.csnstores.com and see what you find. Their selections are enormous, and I’ve been very pleased with the products I’ve ordered from them.

DISCLOSURE: I received a credit toward the purchase of the table in this review. No other compensation was provided.


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