Monday, June 28, 2010

Book Review: Glamour Girl from the Stars

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the children’s book, Glamour Girl from the Stars, written and illustrated by Carlton Scott. This book tells the story of an alien named PleeDee who wants to visit Earth. When she finds out that a Miss Universe Pageant is being held, she sees this as her opportunity! PleeDee longs to see all the latest fashions on Earth, but lands millions of years too soon -- during the time of dinosaurs! She quickly adjusts her timing and lands in Las Vegas in 2010. From there, she heads to Waikiki, China, Africa, Rome, and finally at the Miss Universe Pageant in Los Angeles. There, she is appalled that only women who wear a size zero have entered, and none of them are aliens. She decides that she’s perfectly happy being “three foot two with my size ten shoe.” Back on her home planet with her souvenirs from Earth, she learns the valuable lesson: “When little girls live up to their potential, wherever they are; They’ll shine brightly with confidence, no matter how near or far…”

Glamour Girl from the Stars teaches children, especially girls, that it’s okay to be “different.” PleeDee feels great about herself, even though she doesn’t look anything like the women in the Miss Universe Pageant. This book would be an excellent starting point for talking with girls about self-esteem, society’s perceptions of beauty, and people who look “different” in our eyes. It teaches a valuable lesson while being entertaining, too!


Author Carlton Scott has dedicated his life to working with children, both as a nurse and mental health worker. He has written and illustrated three picture books for children. As part of his commitment to supporting children’s health, he donates 50 percent of all profits from his books to children’s hospitals across the country. He created his newest book, Glamour Girl from the Stars, to foster self-acceptance in young girls.

You can find more information about Glamour Girl from the Stars and Carlton Scott’s other terrific books -- Little Big Wolf and Grin’s Message -- at

DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary copies of Carlton Scott’s books to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


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