Thursday, May 13, 2010

Would You Like a Bathroom Just for You? Let’s Start Dreaming Together!

Do you have a dream bathroom? In our house, I’m the only woman in a house of men (four sons and a husband), so my bathrooms are more practical than beautiful. I’ve managed to slip in a color scheme, but the main consideration for decorating was lots of drawers for all of our grooming and cleaning supplies! But if I allowed myself to daydream about my own personal bathroom, I’d head over to Just Vanities and browse through their gorgeous selection of bathroom vanities. For instance, check out this beautiful antique-looking vanity:

And this lovely vintage oak piece would blend nicely with my bedroom furniture!

As you can see, I’m kind of a traditional gal, but if you’re into a more contemporary décor, you might like something like this:

They have almost 900 bathroom vanity styles at Just Vanities! Fortunately, you can narrow your search down by style, price, finish, size and much more. They also have bedroom vanities, vanity stools, vanity mirrors, vanity lighting, medicine cabinets and sinks!

So, this is my dream when all of my boys have left the nest: I’m going to have a huge bathroom just for me with a lovely vanity and a huge soaking tub. And, of course, a very feminine décor! I’ll start planning my bathroom at Just Vanities and then work my way through the rest of the CSN Stores online that offer an enormous selection on home and office goods at more than 200 sites. What’s in your dream bathroom?!

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