Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Protect Your Child from Sports Injuries by Taking the Moms for Mouth Guards Pledge!

How far would you go to protect your child from sports injuries? Check out this hilarious video from the American Association of Orthodonists (AAO) to see if you recognize yourself!

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Okay, maybe you haven’t gone as far as the moms in this video, but I’m certain that you’re just as concerned as they are that your child not be injured while playing sports. One way in which you can protect him or her is by buying a mouth guard. And you can get started by joining the AAO in their new Moms for Mouth Guards program, which allows you to take the Moms for Mouth Guards pledge! Just go to www.momsformouthguards.org to make your pledge, and the AAO will make a donation to the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

You can also learn more about their partnership with Pat Smith (wife of football great Emmitt Smith and mom of four athletic kids) at www.momsformmouthguards.org. If your child plays a sport of any kind, I strongly encourage you to make a pledge and protect your child’s precious mouth. I just did!

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