Saturday, May 22, 2010

POURfect Kitchen Products Are Ideal for Family Cooking!

Have you ever tried making a cake with your child and ended up with a mess because he or she had trouble handling the bowl? Most kitchen products are designed with adults in mind, so that children -- as well as adults with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome -- have a difficult time handling them. Now, there’s a line of products called POURfect that are specifically designed to address this issue. All of their products are ergonomic and lightweight so it’s easier for almost everyone, regardless of age or ability, to grip, pour and control.

For example, the POURfect Spill-Proof Bowls (pictured above) have a specially designed handle so that you can hold the bowl with one hand using your palm and thumb instead of using your fingers (a huge challenge for weak or small fingers). Their unique design also includes a dripless spout so you don’t pour out too much at once! There’s also a small pivot below the spout so the bowl can latch to the edge of another bowl or a stand mixer while it’s running so you don’t hit the beater or spill the contents. There’s even an egg-cracking ledge, a rubber ring on the bottom so the bowl doesn’t slide, and measurements in English, metric and Braille! The bowls come in a wide variety of sizes, are dishwasher-safe, and fit inside each other for easy storage. And did I mention that they come in 35 colors?! (Minimum orders may apply for some colors.)

My husband does a lot of the cooking in our house, so I handed the bowls over to him for his next cooking project. I should also mention that he is very picky about his products, so I knew I would get a solid review out of him. I’m happy to report that he was very pleased with the bowls’ performance! He said that all of the unique features worked well, and he has used the bowls many times since.

Besides bowls, there are many other terrific products in the POURfect line. These include:

POURfect 12-Piece Measuring Spoons
POURfect 9-Piece Measuring Cups
POURfect Beaker Set
POURfect Scrape-a-Bowl (for KitchenAid stand mixers)
POURfect Whisk-a-Bowl (for KitchenAid stand mixers)

Go to to learn more about POURfect Kitchen Tools and place an order. If you like to cook with your kids, or if you suffer from arthritis or other mobility problems in your hands, these could be the ideal products for your cooking and baking needs.

DISCLOSURE: Complimentary POURfect bowls were provided to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


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