Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Make a Pledge for Better Health and Help Kimberly from She Scribes!

My friend Kimberly at She Scribes (one of my favorite blogs!) is trying to win an iPad. She has been so helpful to me on various projects in the past, and I would really love to see her win! Could you please help out by making a Pledge for Better Health?

Here’s what you do:

1. Go to and fill in this phrase: “I pledge to (your answer).” For instance, you might write, “I pledge to drink less soda.” Or, “I pledge to walk more.” They also ask for your first name and zip code. (This is just for statistical purposes. It does NOT sign you up on any mailing lists.) Then click “Submit.”

2. After doing this, you’ll receive a special URL for your pledge. (Look for “See your pledge at:” and you’ll see the URL.) For instance, here’s a URL to one of my pledges: Highlight and copy your URL.

3. Then go to Kimberly’s site at and post a comment with your pledge URL pasted in. You’re done!

Feel free to spread the word via Twitter and Facebook. (It's easy to do with the Bookmark button at the bottom of this post.)

Please help Kimberly win an iPad! (And subscribe to her blog, She Scribes, while you’re at it. She has some awesome giveaways!)

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