Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Fun Mother’s Day Crafts!

Mother’s Day is almost here, and children may be wondering how they can show Mom or Grandma how much she means to them. Crafts are an enjoyable and unique way for kids to make the perfect gift, one that’s truly irreplaceable!

Below are some suggestions for Mother’s Day crafts for children from Debbie Scaccio, Arts & Crafts Specialist, and the staff at Block Institute. Block is an educational facility in New York City dedicated to providing services to children and adults with special needs, ranging from global development delays to cerebral palsy and many other conditions.

Tissue paper flowers. With the help of an adult, cut 2- or 3-inch circles out of tissue paper. Attach with a chenille stem (pipe cleaner) by slightly poking a hole through 6 tissue paper circles. Have the child crumple each circle individually in the shape of a flower. You can make 3 or more flowers to make a lovely bouquet.

Decoupage vase. Using tissue paper or magazine pictures, cut out or tear assorted shapes. Glue them with white glue to an empty water bottle or other long-necked plastic bottle. Place the paper over the entire bottle. Finish with a coat of a clear glaze, like Modge Podge. You may want to place fresh flowers or tissue paper flowers in the vase.

Construction paper cards. Using colored construction paper, cut the shape of a butterfly, a flower or a heart. Fold in half so the card is symmetrical. Have the child decorate the card with stickers or peel-and-stick foam stickers. Add a Mother’s Day poem to the center of the card.

Wood jewelry box. Decorate a store-bought wood box with paint using a sea sponge. Have the child dip the sponge into a paper plate with assorted paint colors and gently dab the sponge on the box, creating different colors and textures. Let dry. Seal the box with a glaze. Decorate with assorted plastic gemstones and pearls.

Potpourri sachets. Buy store-bought dried flowers or potpourri. Cut a 6-inch piece of nylon tulle or other lightweight cotton fabric. Place the potpourri in the middle of the fabric and help the child place a rubber band around the edges. Secure the sachet with a satin or other ribbon.


  1. Michael's is also have a free make and take it gift for mom every day this week.

  2. I love tissue paper flowers! They last longer than real ones. :)
    Lowe's also has free kids workshops. This Saturday they are making a little trellis planter for Mother's Day.


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