Friday, May 21, 2010

Combat Childhood Obesity by Getting Kids to Switch to Water… with WAT-AAH!

Everyone knows that kids shouldn’t drink much soda and other sugary drinks, and that childhood obesity is at an all-time high, but how do we get kids to drink more water? The founders of WAT-AAH! are on a mission to get kids to toss their sweetened drinks and switch over to water by raising the “cool factor” of water. They’ve started a new campaign called “Don’t Drink _____, Drink WAT-AAH!” which encourages parents and kids to fill in the blank with words like “sugary drinks” and “soda” or “pop” (depending on what part of the country you live in!).

Watch the following video with your kids!

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WAT-AAH! comes in very cool bottles designed to appeal to kids. When my six-year-old boys saw my WAT-AAH! samples, they immediately wanted to try them! And, even better, they drank them! When I asked them what it tastes like, they said, “Well, it tastes like water, but it’s really good!” And it made me feel good knowing that it is possible to get my kids to drink healthier beverages! WAT-AAH! has no sugar, coloring or calories.

So, moms, join the “Don’t Drink _____, Drink WAT-AAH!” campaign to get your kids on the road to giving up the sugary drinks and turning to water instead. Talk to them about the benefits of water, show them the entertaining WAT-AAH! videos, and see if a bottle of WAT-AAH! convinces them that water is really cool after all!


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DISCLOSURE: I received samples of WAT-AAH! to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


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