Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The NOOK from Barnes & Noble Is Better Than Ever!

Not long ago, I was privileged to be able to host a giveaway on this blog for Barnes & Noble’s new nook eReader. I’m completely smitten with my nook. It makes it easy to get a book whenever I want it. It’s extremely portable. It makes me look cool. And it’s fun to use! Best of all, Barnes & Noble is continuing to evolve the nook with fantastic new features. For instance, they just updated my nook software with the following:

• Breakthrough Read In Store experience (in beta) to browse complete eBooks in Barnes & Noble stores for free, like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Lost Symbol!

• Connect to Wi-Fi in more places like coffee shops and hotels

• Sudoku and Chess -- the first apps on the device (I can’t wait for more games to be added, too!)

• A basic web browser (in beta; this is totally awesome)

• An enhanced reading experience with faster page turns and accessing previously opened eBooks

• Updated home screen with direct access to Wi-Fi settings and Audio

This is the second time so far that Barnes & Noble has updated my nook with enhanced features. More updates are in the works, and they’re adding more and more books to their eBook library all the time.

Have you seen the nook yet? The next time you’re at Barnes & Noble, check out the nook on display and ask for a demo of its features. Also, check out the following video from Barnes & Noble’s brand-new TV campaign for the nook.

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More good news: The nook is now available at Best Buy stores! And if you order online from Barnes & Noble or Best Buy, you get FREE shipping. Mother’s Day is coming up. Order now or head out to the store for the perfect gift for Mom!

To learn more and experience the nook, visit www.nook.com. Follow Barnes & Noble’s eBooks and other updates on www.twitter.com/NOOKBN and www.facebook.com/NOOKBN for information on NOOK updates, new eBook releases, Free Friday eBooks and more. To learn more about the free BN eReader software, visit www.bn.com/ebooks.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary nook when I hosted the giveaway on this blog. No further compensation has been provided. I’m just really excited to share my enthusiasm for the nook!

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  1. I want one of these and am trying to convince Donnie that it would be well worth it to buy it. I've even pointed out how much he would save in the end with the cheaper prices of the eBooks! Guess I need to get cracking on the pressure. LOL


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