Monday, March 08, 2010

Hanging by a Hoodie

We had a very scary situation happen this weekend. One of my six-year-old twins was wearing what’s commonly known as a “hoodie,” i.e., a sweatshirt with a hood attached. This one had a zipper down the front. We were at a basketball game, and he decided to jump off the side of the bleachers. His hood got caught on a rail that was open on the end, and he nearly hung himself! He was just hanging there by the hood, grasping at his neck and struggling to breathe. Fortunately, my husband was standing close by and managed to get him down before any serious damage was done … or worse. He now has some really bad scratches on his neck where the zipper was digging into it. He had a little swelling, too, but it was gone by the next day. I shudder to think what the outcome could have been if nobody had seen him fall. So, use caution with hoodies! I’m not going to get rid of ours, but I’ll definitely be more alert to circumstances where they might be a hazard.


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