Tuesday, March 09, 2010

CurlyQ Cuties: Monster Toys That Are Fun, Not Scary

As most of you know, I have four sons. And while my two youngest boys do love plush toys, there are definitely some that are just too “adorable” for their taste. That’s why they’re thrilled that we’ve now discovered CurlyQ Cuties! They’re plush toys in the shape of monsters! They’re cool enough to be a big hit with boys, but not scary enough to frighten the little ones.

Even better, kids can design their very own CurlyQ Cutie! It is so much fun. You just go to the CurlyQ Cutie website, and choose a monster design. Each monster is different in the way it’s customized, but your kids get to select features such as the shape of their monster, its body color, its eye color and shape, its nose and mouth, and more. My boys loved selecting the features on their very own Splatopus!

I love the quality of these toys, too. All of the details are permanently affixed (which makes them safe for babies). They use hand-embroidery and anti-pill fleece. And they’re handmade in the USA. They’re soft enough to sleep with but sturdy enough to get tossed around. You can also pick from one-sided and two-sided designs. They even offer gift certificates. This would make an amazing birthday gift for your kids’ friends who would love to go online to create their own CurlyQ Cutie! And the prices are very reasonable, too, ranging from $15 for a Custom Fairy-Tooth to $20 for a Custom Splatopus, and more detailed CurlyQ Cuties from $25 to $50. These are awesome prices for custom-made, high-quality toys.

We’re now big fans of CurlyQ Cutie and their loveable monsters! I highly recommend them, both for boys and girls. (They have “girl-pleasing” colors, too, like pink and yellow.) Please check them out!


Website: Just click the picture below to start making your own CurlyQ Cutie!

CurlyQ Cuties

Facebook: www.facebook.com/curlyqcuties
Twitter: www.twitter.com/curlyqcuties

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary Splatopus to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


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