Sunday, March 07, 2010

Children’s Picture Books Worth Reading!

How Lil’ Eddie Learns to Read
By Rima H. Corral

How Lil’ Eddie Learns to Read is a book for both kids and parents. Not only does it have a fun story for kids, but sprinkled throughout the book are tips for parents on how to help their child learn to read. These tips are taught through both “Help for Parents” sections on several pages, as well as through the story itself as Eddie interacts with his mom, and she teaches him to recognize sight words, forms a reading group with his friends, creates picture cards, and more. This is a very unique and creative book for parents of preschoolers and kindergartners who are ready to start reading. I love how it empowers parents to be part of this process at home! Click the link below to purchase How Lil’ Eddie Learns to Read:

Feeding Penny Pig

By Jeannine Fox

In Feeding Penny Pig, Laney’s grandmother is looking for a very special gift for Laney’s birthday. At the toy store, she encounters a very sad and hungry piggy bank who tells Laney’s grandma that he needs to be fed! She tells the pig that he will be a gift for her granddaughter, who will love to feed him lots of coins. When Laney opens her gift, her grandmother tells her that she can earn coins by helping her parents around the house, and they make up a chore list. Laney and Penny Pig become fast friends as Laney learns the value of earning money, and Penny gets a full tummy! Feeding Penny Pig is a great book for teaching children how to save money and help out around the house. Click the link below to purchase Feeding Penny Pig:

Arlo Makes a Friend
Arlo Gets Lost

By Wendy Wax

These delightful books by Wendy Wax follow the adventures of Arlo the armadillo. In Arlo Makes a Friend, Arlo moves to a new home and makes friends with a rabbit, who helps him teach the local bully, Boris the snake, a few lessons! In Arlo Gets Lost, Arlo and his rabbit friend, Jack, fly kites when the string on Arlo’s kite breaks, and it flies away. When Arlo looks for it alone, he becomes lost. Read how Orlo’s nose leads him home! Both of these stories, accompanied by enchanting illustrations by Adam Relf, are a pleasure to read and teach valuable lessons to kids. Click the links below to order the Arlo books by Wendy Wax:

Liking Myself
The Mouse, the Monster and Me

By Pat Palmer, Ed.D.

Both books, written by therapist Pat Palmer, are designed to raise kids’ self-esteem and teach them how to assert themselves appropriately. In Liking Yourself, kids are encouraged to do things like “give yourself a hug” and “listen to your feelings.” This is a great book to work through with children who lack confidence in themselves. In The Mouse, the Monster and Me, kids learn to find the balance between their inner “monster” and “mouse,” the aggressive and passive sides of their personality. It explains, “There are good ways and bad ways … of getting what you want.” This book is wonderful for teaching kids appropriate social skills and communication techniques. Both books are available through Uplift Press and Amazon (links below).

Miracle in Sumatra: The Story of Gutsy Gus
By Jeanne McNaney

Miracle in Sumatra is the story of a little orangutan named Gus who befriends a young girl named Maya in the forest. While he is playing with his new friend, Gus’s parents are captured by trappers. Suddenly, Gabriella, the guardian angel of the jungle, appears. She turns Maya into an orangutan so she can help her new friend! When Maya is also captured, Gus knows he has to fight his fear to save her and his parents. He chases off the hunter and rescues everyone. This is a beautiful story of friendship, as well as the protection of wild animals like orangutans. Children will love how spunky little Gus saves the ones he loves. Click the link below to purchase Miracle in Sumatra:

DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary copies of these books to facilitate these reviews. No other compensation was provided.


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