Monday, January 11, 2010

News Flash: It’s Cold in Florida!

It was 34 degrees F this morning in South Florida. Brrrrr! Everyone’s been scrounging to find warm clothes and coats. We went to Target to find a hat for one of my sons, and they were all sold out of the kids’ hats and gloves. (We got one in the men’s section.) Here’s a picture of my twins all bundled up from the cold. (Note that one of them is still wearing his Crocs! He doesn't look very happy with his choice of footwear.)

My husband dug an old space heater out of the attic and put it under my desk! We have high ceilings in most of the rooms in our house, so all of the heat that our poor electric heating system can manage to generate is floating up to the ceiling. The local wildlife isn’t happy, either. Check out this poor lizard I found on my porch this morning:

My husband tapped him, and he moved slightly, so he’s still alive. The lizards go into a deep hibernation mode when it gets this cold. At least this one was smart enough to crawl up on our porch away from the wind. Some of the lizards fall out of the trees when it gets this cold!

I feel sorry for the tourists who came down to Florida to enjoy a little warmth and are getting this weather instead. Hopefully, we’ll get back to being known as the “Sunshine State” again very soon!

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  1. I'm in South Florida as well and I couldn't agree more with looking forward to that South Florida warmth and sunshine. Although it's exciting to be apart of breaking records, I'm ready to be able to wear my flip flops once again and not have my toes numb!

    I love your son's crocks, gives him character! : )


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