Saturday, December 05, 2009

Support Our Wounded Warriors This Holiday Season with a Hero T-Shirt from MeDoGood!

NOTE FROM SUSAN: The following is a holiday message from Brad Kaiser, founder of MeDoGood, makers of positive and inspirational apparel.

During the holidays we hear a lot about efforts to send care packages to our troops overseas to let them know they are loved, missed and appreciated. In our efforts, we may tend to overlook the soldiers who have been wounded in service and are back in the States receiving treatment. Many of these wounded soldiers are dealing with post-traumatic symptoms, depression, and other emotional and/or physical pain. In addition, many will still be separated from their families over the Christmas holiday.

MeDoGood is working hard to see to it that EVERY wounded soldier at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. and Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio Texas receive a “hero T-shirt” accompanied with a thank you card letting them know how much we appreciate their sacrifice. There are currently around 1,100 heroes combined between the two centers.

With just $10.00 you can be a part of this effort to share your gratitude and boost the moral of a wounded warrior or two. You can send anonymously or you can include your name and address. Just click on the link below for details.

I know times are tough, so if you cannot afford to send a shirt or if you simply choose not to participate, please consider forwarding this on to the people in your address book. The more people who are given the opportunity to participate, the greater the chance we can provide a big thank you to all 1,100 heroes!

Thanks and God Bless America!

Brad Kaiser
Founder - MeDoGood

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