Monday, December 21, 2009

The Dog Who Saved Christmas! A New Fun Family Film

If you still have some shopping left to do, I have a great idea for something that the whole family will enjoy. It’s a new DVD called The Dog Who Saved Christmas! It has an all-star cast that includes Dean Cain, Gary Valentine, Elisa Donovan, Adrienne Barbeau, and Mario Lopez … although you never get to see Mario’s heart-stopping dimples because he’s the voice of a dog!

The Dog Who Saved Christmas is the story of Zeus, a yellow Labrador who is put up for adoption after he can no longer work as a K9 dog because he’s lost his bark. He’s adopted by the Bannister family, but is almost returned to the animal shelter when they discover his disability. You see, there has been a rash of robberies in the neighborhood, and they wanted Zeus for protection. The kids and their dad fall in love with Zeus, but the mother was never crazy about having a dog in the first place, so she’s ready to return him. (There’s also that disgusting habit that he has of drinking out of the toilet!)

Before Zeus is returned, the family heads out of town to visit Grandma and leaves Zeus home alone. Now, this is when the movie really reminds me of Home Alone because two bumbling idiots attempt to rob the house, and Zeus manages to scare them off by throwing a bag of flour and Christmas ornaments at them! While the thieves are out to prepare for another attempt at breaking into the house, Zeus has an encounter with the neighbor, otherwise known as the “Crazy Cat Lady.” She tells Zeus that she was once afraid of dogs because one had attacked her, but she learned to overcome her fear. She thought that Zeus also had a traumatic event in his past that caused him to lose his voice. When Zeus finally faces his fears and is able to bark, he manages to finish the job he started with the burglars, who are captured when the family returns home. Needless to say, the Bannister family decides that Zeus is a good guard dog—as well as a beloved family pet—and they decide to keep him!

I watched this movie with one of my six-year-old twins, and he really liked it a lot. It’s a great family movie because kids love dog stories, and it teaches them a lesson about conquering their fears, celebrating differences, and rooting for the “underdog”! Originally shown on ABC Family, The Dog Who Saved Christmas is now available on DVD. This movie would be an excellent addition to your family’s holiday movie collection.

DISCLOSURE: I received a Screener DVD of The Dog Who Saved Christmas to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


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