Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The November 3 Best of the Mommy Bloggers Carnival

I’m thrilled to be the host of A Modern Mother’s “Best of the Mommy Bloggers Carnival”! Every two weeks, a different mommy blogger (like me) collects the “best of” columns from other bloggers for the previous month and shares them with you. (To find out more about the carnival or volunteer to be a host, click HERE.) Following are the terrific submissions I received. Please support your fellow moms by visiting their blogs and commenting on their stories!

Click HERE to read Susanna’s delightful post on “A Modern Mother” about what she most looks forward to!

Click HERE to read excellent advice from Amy on “The Original Coupon Coach” about how to teach your children about money.

Click HERE to visit “The Bear Bunch” where “Mommy Bear” writes about her first visit to a pumpkin patch and includes some totally adorable photos!

Click HERE to read Shelby’s resistance to “progress” and how her husband lovingly helps her family move forward on “Prologue to a Twins Blog.”

Click HERE for a very honest and insightful look at Lee and Paul’s experience with miscarriage on their blog, “Couple Dumb.”

Click HERE to read Elizabeth Lyons’ hilarious account of how her children are teaching her a thing or two about technology on her blog, “Little Humans Being.”

Click HERE to find out how Melinda of “Planet Mom” became a reluctant dog lover thanks to a cuddly, irresistible ball of white fur.

Click HERE to go to “Baby Baby” and read about Sandy’s stunning realization that “being a parent is for the rest of your life”!

Click HERE to read an adorable story by JDaniel4’s Mom about why holding hands when you pray can be slimy!

Click HERE to read about Cheska’s very rocky start to parenthood, which ultimately led to the most rewarding role of her life.

Click HERE to join Linda at “My Trendy Tykes” as she humorously demonstrates what happens “if you give a mom a moment.”

Click HERE to visit “Little Green Fingers” and read about Dawn’s issues with asters and her pondering of the question, “Does your choice of plants reflect your age?”

Click HERE to join Monica at “Mommy Brain Life” as she wonders how her twin daughters could have turned into four-year-old “little adults” so quickly!

Click HERE to go to “Twin Happy” for Jennifer’s “cuteness report” about her beautiful twin girls and how their school friends succeed in telling them apart.

Click HERE to go to “Mum’s the Blog” and read about Sam’s “golden Twitter moment” when she actually received a tweet back from her celebrity crush, Stephen Fry!

Click HERE to visit “The Mama Mary Show” where Mary writes about her very inspiring experience as a participant in the “Run Like a Girl” marathon sponsored by Nike to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Click HERE to join Amy on “Moving On from the Drama” where she writes about her toddler-aged daughter attending a cooking class and the cool stuff they made!

Thank you to all of the wonderful women who participated in the Best of the Mommy Bloggers Carnival! Every single article on this page was insightful and inspiring.


  1. Thanks for hosting! Another great group of posts from the trenches of motherhood!

  2. Hmmm, no daddies this time. We must try harder!

  3. To "The Dotterel"... Well, it is called The Best of the MOMMY Bloggers Carnival! But if I had received any posts from Daddy Bloggers, I would have included them. We all deserve recognition for the challenging and rewarding job we do as parents!

  4. Thanks so much for your tireless efforts! What a bountiful harvest you've gathered!

  5. Thanks for including me.

  6. Hi Susan - just to say thanks for including my post and for taking the time to put this together. For some inexplicable reason my 18-month-old calls me Daddy, so perhaps I could have a temporary blogging sex change to even up the numbers...

  7. Very nice collection! I would love to host. My blog is VERY new but I would be happy to try. One PROBLEM: My link is broken on this list: http://cheskafaith.blogspot.com

  8. Cheska, it seems to be working fine for me. Maybe there was just a glitch in your Internet connection. Try again and let me know.

  9. Thank you so much for including my post!

  10. Thanks for putting this together and thank you for including my post. Loads of new blogs to discover here :-)


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