Friday, November 20, 2009

Kids Have a Blast with the Blast Pad from Growing Tree Toys!

Growing Tree Toys recently gave me the opportunity to try out one of their wonderful products. My twin boys received a Blast Pad, which is described as an “advanced missile launch system.” It’s called a Blast Pad because not only do you blast “missiles” in the air, but kids really have a blast playing with this toy! My boys absolutely loved it.

Growing Tree Toys specializes in educational toys. Their goal is to promote awareness about how essential play is to children’s healthy physical, emotional, and social well-being. Their toys inspire creativity, foster imagination, and are simply fun! And that’s what we got with the Blast Pad. My boys not only had a good time, but they were getting a good workout physically and using their brains mentally to figure out how to shoot the missiles as high as they could! They also used their imaginations to come up with various blasting games.

This is what the Blast Pad looks like:

Players jump on the spongy launch pad to see how high they can shoot ultra-lite missiles into the air. We were amazed at how high they went! We had to shake a few out of the palm trees, but the boys loved it. It worked fabulously. My only suggestion to improve this product would be to include more than three missiles. It makes it easier if there are many kids playing it, and sometimes the missiles get lost if you don’t watch them closely, or they get stuck on the roof if you shoot them too close to the house.

I noticed that Growing Tree Toys also offers Dueling Blast Pads, which would be great for kids to compete against each other.

I encourage you to visit Growing Tree Toys to check out the Blast Pad and all the other educational toys they carry. Check out their Deal of the Day and sign up for their newsletter.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary Blast Pad from Growing Tree Toys to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


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