Sunday, November 01, 2009

5 Benefits of Online Education for Parents

NOTE FROM SUSAN: The job market is a tough place to be in right now, and many parents are considering a return to school to update their skills or be eligible to pursue a new career. One option open to them is obtaining an online degree. There are many reputable, accredited programs now that offer degrees or job training. In today’s guest post, Michelle Young, from, outlines ways in which an online education can benefit busy parents.

There’s something about being a parent that sort of removes you far away from the world of education, one that does not concern your child, that is. Because of common perception, you don’t tend to see yourself as a student anymore; in fact, all your energies are focused on getting your children to be good students and focus on their lessons and classes. But there are options for parents in the online world, and those who are interested in spending their time usefully could explore these opportunities because online education offers them the following benefits:

A new life for single moms: If you’re a single mom with a baby or a toddler to take care of, studying online could be the break you’re looking for. If you’re balancing a job as well, you could brighten your prospects by earning an additional degree. If not, you could find a job because of your newfound degree. Either way, it gives you a sense of purpose, and helps you focus on what’s important for you and your kids. It also distracts you from obsessing over any personal problems in your life.

A useful pastime for the bored: If you have too much time on your hands because your kids have all grown up now and don’t need you as much as they used to, take an online course to kill time usefully. You’ll be amazed at the newfound respect you gain from your spouse and children and thrilled with yourself that you’re capable of achieving good grades even though it’s been a while since you set foot in a school classroom as a student.

Newfound confidence: Earning a degree gives you a sense of confidence and self-assurance, especially if you feel you’ve been relegated to being “just a homemaker” with no interest in the world of academia. You begin to learn new things and open your mind to new opportunities and ideas. This gives you a new lease on life and makes you feel young again.

Job opportunities: Earning a degree opens up a world of opportunities in the job market. You could apply to various positions and begin life anew as a career woman, even though you’ve spent all these years being a wife and mom.

A sense of meaning to life: And, finally, you rediscover yourself when you begin to study after a break. You learn to focus again and prepare for exams. You relearn long-forgotten skills and remember how it felt to be one of the brightest students in your class. And you gain a new meaning to this journey we call life.

With their flexible schedules, online classes are perfect for people who don’t have much time in their lives because they are so busy looking after their kids. Also, it is not as expensive as regular college, so you don’t have to shell out a lot of money.

This post was written by Michelle Young, who regularly writes on the topic of online accredited degrees. She welcomes your comments and questions at her email address:


  1. A lot of good points, thank you! I've just written a blog post about free online courses, you can find it here!

  2. Thanks, Jeanne. This is good information for someone who isn't seeking a degree but just wants to brush up on a skill or learn a new one.

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