Monday, October 19, 2009

Start Your Holiday Shopping with a Wave Ripple!

When I was a kid, riding a skateboard was “big.” But today’s kids have many more options than we did. One of them is called a wave board! It’s described as a combination of “surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding.” I can definitely see why. When our family received a wave board, it was totally unlike any skateboard I had ever seen. The two ends of the board move individually, and riders stand sideways on the board! Needless to say, I had no idea what to do at first. This video from Street Surfing was a huge help. Check it out! (Email subscribers, please click onto the blog page to see this video.)

Doesn’t that look like fun? My five-year-old twins have been having a great time trying out the board. They’re still trying to master it (they might be just a little too young for it yet), but they’re getting better and better each time they try.

Street Surfing is the maker of The Wave, and they sent me a Wave Ripple, which is designed for the “younger rider,” ages 6-10. It’s smaller in length and width than their standard Wave to accommodate littler kids’ narrower stance. But, like The Wave, the Wave Ripple “offers the same great maneuverability and allows for even tighter turns.”

If you’re starting to think about your holiday shopping, this would be a great gift to encourage your kids to play outside and get some exercise. And don’t forget to include protective gear with your wave board!

I invite you to visit Street Surfing’s site at You can purchase The Wave or The Wave Ripple there, as well as at Dick’s, Modell’s, Sports Authority and other sporting goods stores.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary Wave Ripple to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. My nephew was riding one the other day and they really are cool!

  2. Cool:) Kids today have such cooler toys than when I was little!!


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