Thursday, October 29, 2009

Help Your Teen Find Potential Universities Through Inside College!

If your child is in high school, no doubt he or she is starting to think about college, especially if they’re a junior or senior. One of my sons is a junior, and he’s already received plenty of college brochures in the mail! He has no idea what he wants to do yet. It’s a really tough choice.

I recently found out about a site called Inside College, which is an online college guide that helps students find schools that best fit their individual lifestyles. Visitors to Inside College can search through hundreds of lists tailored to specialized interests.

It’s really cool! You can look for universities with certain degree programs, sports teams, student populations, financial programs, and much, much more. There are even fun categories, like “colleges for the clothes horse” and “colleges where geek is chic.” Students can search through hundreds of categories, find potential schools, and then retrieve more information about those schools.

Inside College is also offering a monthly $2,000 college scholarship that is open for all to apply. That would be a welcome gift when it comes time to pay for college! Visit Inside College at (If you’re a college graduate, search for your alma mater to see what lists it is on. It’s fun!)


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