Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going Outside with the Kids -- and Gators!

On Sunday, we took our twins out to the Florida Everglades. It really felt like a whole different world out there away from civilization. We walked on a boardwalk that stretched over the swamp and looked down to find an enormous alligator sleeping beneath us! His head was just sticking out from under the boards. It was a little too close for comfort! Needless to say, I kept my arms around the twins and was glad for the railing. Unfortunately, we had left the camera in the car at that point and didn’t get a picture.

After going back for the camera and some drinking water (it was really hot!), we followed some trails and saw all kinds of water birds, butterflies and bugs. Even though our clothes were sticking to us by the time we left, it was a wonderful day getting out into nature and showing the kids what it’s like beyond the confines of our town. Next time we go, we plan to take an airboat ride! Below is a picture of my boys walking the trails. I hope you find some time soon to get outdoors with your kids and explore!


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